Body Piercing

We know Our Needles

We offer ear and body piercing using medical grade equipment and only titanium jewellery, the best for your body. Full aftercare procedures are explained with every piercing and we also provide sterile aftercare cleaning solution.

Ear Lobes £8 Surface, Skin Diver £30
Cartillage £13 Christina, Hood £30
Nose (Gun) £11.50 Industrial / Scaffold £35
Nose (Needle) £16.50 Dermal Anchor £35
Tragus, Daith, Helix, Eyebrow, Rook, Conch £25 Bridge, Septum £40
Navel, Nipple £25 Prince Albert £40
Tongue*, Lip*, Smiley £30
Ear Lobes £8
Cartillage £13
Nose (Gun) £11.50
Nose (Needle) £16.50
Tragus, Daith, Helix, Eyebrow, Rook, Conch £25
Navel, Nipple £25
Tongue*, Lip*, Smiley £30
Surface, Skin Diver £30
Christina, Hood £30
Industrial / Scaffold £35
Dermal Anchor £35
Bridge, Septum £40
Prince Albert £40

*These piercings will need changing to a shorter bar after 2-3 weeks, this is included free of charge, just return with your receipt.